In 1979 CIE embarked on an ambitious project to electrify the railway between Howth, County Dublin and Bray Co. Wicklow through Dublin city centre. The DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) has subsequently been extended to Malahide & Greystones. This initial roling stock order was placed with Linke-Hofmann-Busch in Germany. Three classes of DART EMUs exist, 8100, 8200 & 8500.

DART 8334

DART 8334 works a Sunday morning service to Bray from Howth approaching Dun Laoghaire on 29-July-2007.

DART 8113  near Dun Laoghaire 020308
From the other side of the line DART 8113 is working a northbound service 02-March-2008.
DART 8315 at Connolly 090307
DART 8315 has just departed platform 7 at Dublin Connolly on a northbound service on 09-March-2007.
DART 8138 at Irish Ferries terminal 310307
DART 8138 has just returned from overhaul in Leipzig, Germany and is seen at the Irish Ferries terminal in 2007.
DART 8326 at Seapoint 260609

As part of the celebrations to mark twenty-five years of service of DART in 2009, units started to appear with a special commemorative logo. 8326 is seen at Seapoint on a Bray bound service on 26-June-2009.

DART 8334 approaching Dun Laoghaire 280911

Back to Dun Laoghaire and DART 8334 is working a southbound service on 28-September-2011.

DART 8602 departing Salthill 020308
DART 8602 departing Salthill on 02-March-2008.
DART 8625 at Salthill 020308

DART 8625 at Salthill 02-March-2008. This sub class of DART (8520/8620) is distinguishable from the reminder of the 8500/8600 class by its lower body profile.

DART 8612 near Greystones 290707

DART 8612 nears Greystones on the single line from Bray and the end of electrification on 29-July-2007.

8204 at Inchicore 291207

The disastrous 8200 class have seen little service since introduction in 2000. 8204 is seen here at Inchicore works on