Dublin's Luas (Irish for speed) is a state owned tram system operated by Veolia Transport under tender from the Railway Procurement Agency (RPA).
The LUAS system comprises of two main lines, the Green line operated from Bride's Glen to St. Stephen's Green & the Red line from Tallaght / Saggart to Dublin Connolly / The Point depot.
The original system opened in 2004 with various extensions being added since.

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LUAS 5003 at Carrickmines 090112

LUAS 5003 has departed Carrickmines on a Southbound turn to Bride's Glen on 09-Janurary-2012.

LUAS 5004 at Carrickmines 050312
LUAS 5004 carrying an all-over adverisment for Northern Ireland 2012 at Carrickmines 05-March-2012.
LUAS 5005 at Ballyogan Wood 110312
LUAS 5005 on a green line service to St. Stephen's Green seen at Ballyogan Wood on 11-March-2012.
LUAS 5020 at Carrickmines 090112
LUAS 5020 is seen approaching Carrickmines on 09-Janurary-2012.
LUAS 5023 at Carrickmines 050312

LUAS 5023 at Carrickmines 05-March-2012

LUAS 5024 at Carrickmines 110312

LUAS 5024 stops at Carrickmines while heading towards Bride's Glen on 11-March-2012.

LUAS 5026 at Carrickmines 110312

Looing the opposite direction & 5026 is heading for the city.

LUAS 5026 at Leopardstown Valley 110312

LUAS 5026 at Leopardstown Valley 11-March-2012.

5015 on IRRS special at Brides Glen 061010
Prior to the opening of the Green line extension to Bride's Glen, Viola ran a special working for the Irish Railway Records Society on 06-October-2010. LUAS 5015 is seen at the Bride's Glen terminus.
LUAS 3002 at Connolly 240905
LUAS 3002 at Connolly 24-September-2005. Its not too often that one looks down on the roof of a LUAS.
UAS 3005 crossing Heuston bridge 150610 2
LUAS 3005 crossing Heuston bridge on a Red line service to Tallaght on 15-June-2010.
LUAS 3018 on Stephens lane Dublin 150610
LUAS 3018 has departed Heuston and is seen on Stephen's lane on 15-June-2010.
UAS 3022 at Cheevrestown 090611
Prior to the opening of the LUAS Red line extension to Saggart, Viola ran a special working for the Irish Railway Records Society to Saggart on 09-June-2011. LUAS tram No. 3022 is seen at Cheevrestown stop.
LUAS 3022 at Citywest 090611
On the same working, LUAS 3022 is seen at at the Citywest terminus.
LUAS 3025 on the Naas road 290608
LUAS 3025 is seen running along the Naas road on a Red line service on 29-June-2008.
LUAS 4003 approaching Dundrum 151109
LUAS 4003 approaching Dundrum on 15-November-2009.
LUAS 4006 at Dundrum 151109
LUAS 4006 is about to depart Dundrum on an inbound Green line service to St. Stephens Green /
Fiache Stiabhna (as gaeilge) on 15-November-2009.
LUAS at Connolly 021209
LUAS at Dublin's Connolly station on 02-December-2009. Most LUAS Red line services do now not serve Connolly but continue east to the Point depot terminus.
LUAS 3005 wearing an all over ad for Vodafone seen on Dublins Abbey street 19-December-2008 while working a red line service to Tallaght in west Dublin.
LUAS tamper

Tamper on Ballyogan road on 28-August-2011. Most unusually the tamper is actually working despite services running as normal on the opposite road!