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Irish Rail's 141 class No.169 & its ballast train sit in the headshunt at Ballyhaunis, Co. Roscommon on Sunday 07-October-2007. The photo was taken from the window of a MK2 coach on a Westport-Dublin Heuston service!
6102 on FO to Waterford at Hazlehatch on 060704
The guard has just given the driver the green flag. 6102 is on the rear of the 1625 Friday only Dublin Heuston-Waterford at Hazlehatch on 06-July-2004. Its hard to believe that this was ten years ago!
081 departing Claremorris on 1510 Claremorris-Manulla Jcn. 290906
081 has departed Claremorris on the 1510 Claremorris-Manulla Junction empty working and is seen at Ardroe on 29-September-2006. CTC would shortly be commissioned & railcars would replace locomotive & coaches on the branch which ultimately would eliminate the necessity to run to Clatremorris for running around. For a video of this train later on in the day click here
076 on 0730 Waterford-Heuston at Cherryville Jcn. 290406
076 takes a rake of MK3s off the Waterford line at Cherryville Junction working the 0730 Waterford-Heuston service on 29-April-2006. The crossover which the loco is using is now located approximatly one-hundred metres behind me.

082 & a rake of BREL MK3s on Claremorris-Waterford Knock special south of Portarlington
03-May-2009. If memory serves me right, this was the penultimate loco hauled knock special.
085 leads a MK3 pushpull rake with generator van in lieu of a DVT on the 0950 Dublin Heuston- Limerick. The train has just departed Monasterevin and is crossing the
river Barrow on 03-November-2006.
226 & MK3As on 1505 Galway-Heuston at Portarlington 161007
Iarnród Éireann's 201 class No.226 stands at the head of a rake of BREL built MK3A coaches while working the 1505 Galway-Dublin Heuston at Portarlington on
Iarnród Éireann's 201 class No.225 at the rear of a MK3 Pushpull working destined for Dublin Heuston at Kildare on a sunny 13-December-2005.

Iarnród Éireann's 071 class No.083 leads a rake of BREL built MK2 coaches working the 1710 Dublin Heuston-Athlone at service seen at MP9 on the Dublin-Cork line on 30-April-2007. This train was invariably worked by an 071 class loco and as soon as the hour went forward the sun was perfect for a shot on the main line. Sadly its all gone!

Iarnród Éireann's 071 class No. 079 leads a Ballina-Waterford "Norfolk liner" through Strade, Co. Mayo on the Ballina branch on 07-August-2009.
To see a video of this train click here
172 & a rake of Cravens are seen arriving at Kildare on 13-December-2005 on a driver training working from Dublin Heuston. The train would run round here and head back to Heuston shortly afterwards. 172, the BR MK1 van and most of the Craven coachs have since been scrapped.
220 and eight MK3s work the 13:05 Westport - Heuston service seen at Lisnolan level crossing near Manulla Junction, Co. Mayo on 29-September-2006. 220 was one of the last 201 class locomotives to retain its original livery.
92 being overtaken by 2614 at Hazelhatch loop on 200505

How things have changed! EMD built 181 class No.192 on a Dublin Northwall bound ballast working had been put into the loop at Hazelhatch to allow a Dublin Heuston Arrow service from Kildare to overtake on 20-May-2005. Most of what is depicted in this photograph no longer exists.

072 & MK2s on 1625 Heuston-Waterford climbing the gullet 150907
Iarnród Éireann's 071 class No.072 & MK2s work the 1625 Dublin Heuston-Waterford seen climbing the gullet towards Inchicore on Saturday 15-September-2007.
205 on Tullamore-Northwall empty cement at MP17 191208
IE's 201 class No.205 leads a Tullamore-Platin empty cement at MP17, near Sallins on
19-December-2008. This traffic flow like so many other freight flows in Ireland has now ceased. The cement wagons are now scrapped and 205 has been placed in storage!
For a video of the train click - here!
8083 & 083 at Connolly 240905
NIR's 8083 & Iarnród Éireann’s 083 stand at Dublin Connolly's platforms 2 & 3 respectively on 24-September-2005.
8083 was working a MRSI tour to Derry while 083 was working a scheduled service to Sligo.
075 & MK3s  on 1750 Heuston-Galway at Straffan 160508

075 & MK3s work the 1750 Dublin Heuston-Galway service past the site of the former Straffan station in Co. Kildare on 16-May-2008. It is hard to believe that a station once existed here! The O'Dea collection has an image taken in 1962 on the National Library of Ireland " The Commons' photostream"

088 on FO 1620 Heuston- Ballina at Hazlehatch 090704
Newly repainted 088 & a set of Cravens works the Fridays only 1620 Dublin Heuston-Ballina past Hazlehatch at full speed on 09-July-2004.
124 & 184 on Waterford-Ballina Norfolk liner at Portarlington 190506

Built in 1961 and like all EMD products - built to last! IEs' 124 & 184 work a Waterford-Ballina Norfolk liner seen entering an unaltered Portarlington station on 19-May-2006. The train will diverge from the main Dublin-Cork line here and take a westerly direction to Athlone & Ballina.

112 on Cork-Northwall empty cement at Kildare on 131205
NIR owned 112 waits on the centre road in Kildare for a sucession of Dublin bound passanger trains to overtake it while working a Cork-Dublin Northwall empty cement on 13-December-2005.
112 has returned to it owner and Iarnród Éireann doesn't run cement trains anymore!
124 and 162 at Limerick on 160405
124 & 162 are about to depart Limerick for Tralee on an ITG railtour on 16-April-2005. 124 only made it to Mallow and was removed due to sticking brakes. 162 made it to Tralee alone and back as far as Limerick Junction where 151 was removed from a stabled relay train and MUed with 162!
203 on 1825 Heuston-Waterford at MP9 300407
EMD built 203 leads a rake of now withdrawn MK3 coaches on the 1825 Dublin Heuston-Waterford service close to MP9 on the Dunlin-Cork mainline on 30-April-2007. Everything in the shot is now gone, the bridge has made way for the Kildare Route Project (KRP) 4-tracking, the locomotive is in cold storage, the coaches are withdrawn with scrapping pending & the telegraph pole, sporting forty-five carriers, finally came down - only to be replaced with an ESB steel pole - in 2009!
078 at Enfield 270505
The driver of 078, which is heading a Dublin Connolly-Sligo service, is just about to collect the staff for the Enfield-Killucan single line section from the Enfield signalman - Frank - on 27-May-2005.
081 on Sligo-Waterford timber at MP17 111205
071 class No. 081 works a Sligo-Waterford timber at MP17 11-Feburary-2005. This traffic no longer runs from Sligo unfortunately.
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