6101 on 1130 Galway-Heuston passing Balliasloe 190409

6101 leads the 1130 Galway-Heuston non-stop through Balliansloe station in Co. Galway on 19-April-2009.

6101 on 0620 Waterford-Heuston at MP17 260308
6101 leads the 0620 Waterford-Dublin Heuston past MP17 on 26-March-2008.
6102 on FO to Waterford at Hazlehatch on 060704
The guard is ready to signal departure after stopping at Hazelhatch with a Friday Only working to Waterford from Dublin Heuston on 06-July-2004.
6102 on Connolly-Ennis GAA special at MP17 290707
Under normal operation, Pushpulls would face the buffer stops at Heuston allowing the locomotive to be released on arrival if required. On 29-July-2007, 6102, while working a Dublin Connolly-Ennis GAA special has ended up the wrong way around, most likely due to a stop at Limerick Jcn.
6103 on ITG Docklands Pioneer tour at Croke Park 310307

On the 31-March-2007 the ITG operated a special working-The Docklands Pioneer - to the newley opened Docklands station in Dublin using 6103 & 233 pushing. This was the first locomotive powered passenger train to use the new station and is seen running allong the bank of the Royal Canal near Croke Park.

6103 (& 233) on 1755 Heuston-Westport at MP9. 020407

6103, with 233 up front fromes the 1755 Dublin Heuston-Westport service seen at MP9 on 02-April-2007.

6104 at newtown bridge (north of  Limerick Junction) 130907
The Pushpulls also ran to Linerick from Dublin and 6104 is seen operating a Limerick-Dublin Heuston service at Newtown bridge (north of Limerick Junction) on 13-September-2007.
6104 departing Wellingtonbridge 061208

6104 departing Wellingtonbridge on a railtour with a pair of GMs pulling the very short consist on

6105 on 1310 Galway-Heuston at Stacumnt Br 230907

6105 on 1310 Galway-Dublin Heuston at Stacumny Bridge on 23-September-2007. The Kildare Route Project is underway with clearance work almost complete on the up side.

6105 on 0915 Galway-Heuston East of Ballinasloe 140309

6105 is climbing away from Ballinasloe towards the river Shannon while working the 0915 Galway-Dublin Heuston on 14-March-2009. Its quite evident that this was once a double road!

9001 north of Gormonston 290506
9001 leads a Belfast Central-Dublin Connolly service north of Gormonston on 29-May-2006.
9001 & 209 on 1230 Belfast-Connolly between Mosney & Gormonston 250209

The same spot three years later and 9001s livery has changed as has the farmer's crops.
On this occasion 209 is pushing at the back on the on 1230 Belfast Central-Dublin Connolly.

9002 on 1300 Belfast-Connolly at Skerries 281208
9002 heads the1300 Belfast Central-Dublin Connolly through Skerries at full line speed on 28-December-2008 in front of an RPSI steam special!
9003 on 1300 Belfast-Connolly near Kellystown 070609
9003 is seen working the 1300 Belfast Central-Dublin Connolly between Dundalk & Drogheda on 07-June-2009.
9004 on rear of 1000 Connolly-Belfast Central at Faughart 250911
9004 is seen on the rear of the 1000 Dublin Connolly-Belfast Central at Faughart, Co. Louth on 25-September-2011.
The train will very shortly cross the border into Northern Ireland.